SHDC#13 on the way!

After a little voting, we’ve setup the next SuperHappyDevClub for Saturday 6th June 2009 (SHDC#13).

For those that don’t know, SuperHappyDevClub (SHDC) is a hacker club in Cambridge, UK, and is run as an excuse for people to geek out on pet projects or startup ideas in the company of others.


Setting it up was partly my response to the conference culture I was seeing a year or so ago, where there were a lot of people talking about stuff, but seemingly few people actually doing anything. But the real motivation was that Cambridge had to be full of clever and inventive people (just look at the companies that are here), and there seemed little opportunity for getting together, just to do interesting stuff for the hell of it!

The problem with working on a pet project is it sometimes feels (or is) a little anti-social. You should be at the pub or a party! Worse still, occasionally you doubt yourself and think that being motivated to learn off your own back (a geek) is something you should be embarrassed about. So, call it a support group if you like, but SHDC is really just an excuse to spend an afternoon/evening working around other motivated people; and working among a diverse set of skills is so much better anyway to develop ideas, get help, and learn new things.

And of course, some of the benefits of a pub/party can be brought in too by ensuring a good flow of food and drink!

So if you hack around with electronics, software, web technologies or mechanics, come and join in!

  • SuperHappyDevClub (has link to mailing list)
  • Upcoming; not sure if anyone uses that.
  • Note: the venue has changed as I’ve moved house, so make sure you contact me to get the new address!


On a related note, a few of us will be off on the first SuperHappyDayOut (SHDO#1) in a couple of weeks to the Fusion Power Research Centre at Culham. I’ll make sure we report back on what we see!

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