If your a linux hacker and want to play on a computer that is a bit different, you might want to look at the BeagleBoard


btw. that chip in the middle *is* the computer!

The chip is an OMAP3 which means its got an ARM Processor (Cortex-A8, so nice and powerful and includes the NEON SIMD Engine :), a 3D Graphics Processor, RAM/FLASH and a load of other goodies all crammed in to that tiny package. Notice the lack of fan/heatsink too! This is the stuff that is used by the big boys in their next-gen mobile phones and set-top boxes etc, so it is great to see this type of technology being made available to anyone!

It seems like there are various linux distributions running on it already, and there are a few demo videos around. It is just becoming available now, so if you are interested then go and have a look:

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