More Transparent PCB Experiments!

About time I documented my further adventures in to clear pcbs. The two new approaches were:

4) Tape it…

In exploring various craft sites I found you can get “copper tape”. Normally used for making pretty arty type things, but still real copper. So I got hold of some of that, stuck it to some plastic (old cd case), drew on it and etched…

Copper Tape

The results are reasonable and it conducts fine, but you get the tape glue layer left, and it is not really ideal for anything but straight lines. What next?

5) Stick it…

I also found some thin copper sheet and some adhesive acetate sheets (the stuff you used on overhead projectors). So stick them together, draw and etch to get…

Copper Sheet

Not bad! And it’s thin and flexible too; an nice bonus!

And it basically works…

Copper Sheet Demo

You can see all the photos here

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