SHDC#3 – Rust, anyone…

SHDC#3 was the biggest turn out yet (5!)

Interestingly however, it was probably also the least productive in terms of actual hacking ;o) I think Tom summed it up as a need to come along having scratched the surface of something, or at least have a good idea of what you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if this goes out the window as soon as you see what someone else is doing and drop everything to join in.

My excuse was jetlag, but really the lack of a clear challenge led to the procrastination. A lesson for next time!

There were some interesting discussions about geek stuff in general, like ways to simplify tracking movement of a person using the constraints of their skeleton. Putting cameras on a persons limbs was an interesting concept. And we discovered a self-replicating rapid prototyping machine called RepRap.

We did end up on YouTube watching this excellent video:

So with lessons learned about procrastination avoidance measures, maybe Oct 27th or Nov 3rd for SHDC#4?

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