SuperHappyDevClub #1 a (small) success!

Having been really pleased to find an interesting venue for hosting a SHDC, it quickly became apparent that actually organising it with the venue was going to be tough. It has a lot of potential, especially if some of the ideas for it can be implemented, but at the moment it just isn’t setup to arrange bookings. So I decided after a month of trying to accept defeat on this one, at least for now…

So at short notice I decided to put one on at my house; so short infact that most people were away :o). But a guy called Henry was up for it so yesterday afternoon we sat in my garden, drank beer, ate cake and hacked with some stuff.

I had a go trying to do something with a GPS module i’d just got hold of. Here’s what I ended up with:

Wireless GPS Transmitter

A wireless GPS transmitter! And here you can see the output from the receiver:

GPS Receiver Output

I got Henry to walk around the garden with the Tx, and it definitely changed the output in the right direction when he walked north. Pretty sweet!

It was nice to have a BBQ and fridge to hand, so I actually like the idea of a house hosted SHDC event now. So I’ll think about holding another one sometime soon on Sat 25th August. Join the SHDC Google Group if you want to hear more.

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