So we now have a venue; the SuperHappyDevShed!

It’s on the site of the Old Pumping Station aka the Cambridge Museum of Technology. You can’t miss it; there aren’t many 175ft brick chimneys in Cambridge. And, although google will tell you it is next to a big building site, that became Tescos so ideal for snackables.

It does mean the date is going to be changed so I can confirm availability and ensure internet connection etc, but my guess is a Sunday in July (possibly the 8th). Join the SHDC group to get notified.

Lots of people seem to have shown an interest in meeting others in hi-tech around Cambridge which is pretty cool. And my favourite quote so far has been something along the lines of:

The cambridge network and stuff like that is for people who’ve all done it. And they’ve not even done that well. What about all the people that want to do it?

A slightly intoxicated view maybe, but one I totally agree with; join the new cambridge network for people who haven’t done it yet!

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